Recognizing those that contributed to this body of work

The 13 Master Attunements is a compilation of Esoteric Channeled information and Insight learned through study and training with Earthly Mentors.

Some of the known frequencies in the Master Attunements are from Crystals, the Runes, the I'Ching, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, the wisdom from the Tarot, the Elemental Forces of Creation, Sacred Geometry, Planets and Astrology to name a few of the more familiar ones.

I wanted to give thanks and credit to those whose work I referenced from my trainings and certifications.

  1. I learned and became a Human Design Specialist and Quantum Alignment Practitioner from my mentor Karen Curry Parker. Karen has done amazingly brilliant work and some of the verbiage I use is directly connected to her teaching. Specifically when an I'Ching frequency came up I referenced her teaching material. At times I specifically used her terminology around The Resiliency Keys and affirmations associated with I'Ching Hexagrams as seen through the eyes of a Human Design Gate.You can find out more about Karen's work here:
  2. I am a certified Body Code/Emotion Code Practitioner. When specific Organs came up and the Emotions associated with them came up for release I referenced Dr. Bradley Nelson's identified emotions.with that Organ.
  3. To identify the frequencies coming through for the Master Attunements I used the information from the InnerWise System by Dr. Uwe Albrecht.
  4. As already mentioned the incredible artist Sue Kosharek from Muse Zings. added her symbolic and multi-dimensional artwork to the Attunement Artwork.
  5. My actual sister Linda Murawski who helped me with editing though I changed stuff anyway so it it's wrong that's on me!
  6. When specific organs or body systems were identified I referenced Louse Hay's book "Heal your Body A-Z."
  7. When specific Crystals came through I referenced "The Book of Stones" by Robert Simmonds and Naisha Ahsian.
  8. And just a big thank you for emotional support and encouragement while I tried to get my thoughts organized and learn technology: Simone Alves from , Julia Frehner from Soul Space Studio, and Linda Bolton who helps me in a million different ways.
  9. And Finally Vera Novak from My Healing House who lit a fire in me to get going on getting this together :) Thank you Vera ;)

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