About the Attunement Art and Artists.

All of the Artwork for the Master Attunements is Channeled and encoded with Quantum Frequencies specific to each Master Attunement.

The Background of each image is framed with an Acrylic Pour called "Cosmic Alignment" created by Jill.

Each Circle Image, that sits on the Cosmic Alignment base, has written Language of Light on the edges and was created by Jill.

In the center of each image, except for Master Attunement 5, the Filter Image, and the Integration Image, there is a square with powerful symbolic artwork created by the amazing Artist Sue Kosharek.

I first met Sue when we were co-creating an Oracle Card Deck together with other Artists and Healers from around the world in 2013.

Sue's artwork carries a very unique frequency that touches the Soul. To me, Sue is a true Multi-Dimensional Artist that brings through frequencies in her artwork that blesses the heart, touches the soul, and helps us connect to Universal Love and Wisdom.

I asked Sue if she would be willing to create some of the artwork for The 13 Master Attunements because I knew her artwork would add powerful depth and enhance the images in a beautiful and energetic way.

A bit about Sue:

"I have been making art of all sorts all of my life. Currently I am painting in acrylic on canvas mostly. I paint intuitively. My focus for the past 7 years has been painting images of the Divine Feminine energy. It's been a rich and rewarding journey!.

Find me at

Muse Zings on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MuseZings


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[email protected]

Sue's Process for creating artwork for The 13 Master Attunements:

"Working with Jill is always a deep pleasure - this project was no different. Jill provided the inspiration, wisdom, energy, voice and language. I simply bathed in the living healing energy of each attunement and then painted any colors, symbols, images, strokes, dots... that wanted to appear. There are between 3-5 layers in each painting. Each  image is also encoded with my intention for healing and blessing for all who see it."

Sue is currently working on a creative project that includes stories and messages from a selection of her amazing artwork.

I invite you to check out her work at the links above.

Thanks Sue!

About Jill

I've been Consciously working with Encoded Art and Language of Light since 2011. The work of The 13 Master Attunments started to show up in my Meditations and Journals in late 2014 early 2015.

It started with one-on-one Attunements with private clients and then small Light Weaving the New Earth groups.

I was called to put this work together in a Program that would reach more people at a cost that was easily accessible for most.

I am grateful to be both a facilitator and a recipient of this work.

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