Master Attunement 1 Frequency Message

Master Attunement 1

Key Energy

This Attunement carries the energy of Strength, Vitality, Wisdom, and Empowerment.

You release the energy of struggle and fighting for fighting’s sake. There is an ease here…you can begin to finally relax, rest, and trust deeper in the Universe and in your Inner Wisdom.

Your past struggles and adventures have helped you know in your heart of hearts what is truly valuable in life.

Wisdom lives in this Attunement.

Your energy field is brightening as you release the old energy of pessimism and criticism.

You begin to feel more alive.

In the past you may have wanted to change others to increase your own safety and security, but you are now stepping into and expanding your knowing that every human is different and on their own path.

Being in Alignment with your own Inner Compass helps you give yourself the right structure and meaning in your life, so you begin to experience life as more joyful and pleasant.

These frequencies give you wings to imagination and helps you open your heart.

 Your Soul is set upright.

Your nerves are calmed.

A feeling of warmth, protection, safety, and security wash over you.

Many areas of your life that have been pent up or buried are brought into flow.

 Allow the gentle release and recalibration.

You deepen healthy boundaries as your Inner Strength gets stronger with each breath you take.

You have outgrown many things that no longer serve you.

Old wounds are being healed so you are no longer reminded of them or paralyzed by them time and time again.

Affirm: “I remain calm even in challenging situations. I am free.”


“I remain calm and free in all areas of my life as I remember the Universe fully supports me.”

“I lovingly allow joy to flow through my mind, my body, and my experiences.”


Rest, release, and allow your life force energy to flow.



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