What they are and why they are here.

Welcome to The 13 Master Attunements.

What they are and why they are here.

The 13 Master Attunements came forward to assist us with Activating and Awakening the Ascension Codes for the Aquarian Age.

What does that mean?

We are entering a New Age (we have been preparing for this New Age for hundreds of years if not longer). Our DNA and Lightbody have Codes of Light that are designed to awaken and activate at different times on our evolutionary journey of Awakening.

For various reasons the Codes of Light are staying dormant or are not functioning at optimal levels.

The 13 Master Attunements have come forward to activate and awaken the dormant codes to their original and optimal time sequence. They are here to help us "heal" and release the discordant energies that negatively impacted the Codes of Light.

Another way to say that is:

These Attunements work to bring Balance, Harmony, Connection and Expansion to our Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Bodies so we can embody our Higher Self while in Physical Form.

This is what being the Bridge between Heaven and Earth is all about.

  • Energy Blocks and Imbalances in the Body System that keep us from raising our Light Quotient are being released during the Attunement Process.
  • Key Light Codes are Activated that assist you in coming into great alignment with your True Essence. 

Sometimes these shifts are felt immediately and full Integration happens instantly.

Other times it will be more subtle and full Integration takes time.

It is unique for each person.

Be assured that these Master Attunements came through to assist you and your I AM Presence knows exactly how to navigate the Frequencies for your maximum benefit.

While there is a great deal of information and study available for people who want to dive deep into the Evolution and Expansion of the Soul, this Program was not created to provide detailed information in that way. 

Instead, they came forward as an accelerant specifically to be a supportive and experiential, energetic active Attunement Process

By using Quantum Frequencies via Energy Work, Symbolic Visual Imagery, Attunement Art, Language of Light, Toning, and the Written Word, these Attunements assist you on your Journey to be the fullest expression of who you came here to be in this lifetime.

By using these Attunements you are Activating and Awakening your Ascension Codes for the Aquarian Age on both a cellular level and a multi-dimensional level.

You activate a 555 Axiatonal Alignment (please see the section on Axiatonal Alignment.)

Be Present as you move through these 13 Master Attunements.

Disclaimer: While these Attunements are very powerful, they are not in place of Licensed Medical Care or Licensed Therapy. You are 100% responsible for your own well-being.

Happy Activating and Awakening your Ascension Codes for the Aquarian Age ;)

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