How to work with the Attunements

The best way to work with these Attunements is to follow your Intuitive Guidance. There is no right or wrong way to do it.

The following are some suggestions if you prefer to follow a more structured format.

Suggestion 1:  Work in Numerical Order

Begin with Master Attunement 1 and move your way through to Master Attunement 13.

If possible Print out the Images. You can simply print them out on regular copy paper using the PDF of the Vibrational Attunement Image.

Or you can use the jPeg file and have each Image printed as a Photo either with your own printer or at a Photo center. 

Next you will want to read the Attunement Message. 

Then you will want to watch the Frequency Session Attunement Video that combines Language of Light, Toning, and Quantum Frequency work.

*Note: It's up to you if you prefer to read the message first or listen to the Attunement first. Do what makes sense to you.

Mark the Date, or Dates, that you complete each Attunement on the checklist sheet. This provides you with a reference if you like to see what changes come up for you with each Attunement.

While it isn't everybody's thing...I do suggest you keep a journal or notebook to keep track of insights that come up for you on this Master Attunement Journey. 

Repeat the above steps for each Master Attunement.

The time you take between each Attunement is also a personal choice. An average length of time is 3 to 7 days.

Watch or listen to the Attunement recording as often as you feel it is beneficial to you.

Keep the Attunement Image in a place where you will see it often while working with that particular Attunement. 

Suggestion 2: Use Like an Oracle Card Deck

You can simply write on 13 pieces of scrap paper numbers 1 through 13. Mix them up and while mixing them ask, "Which Attunement is most beneficial for me at this time for Optimal Well-Being in Body, Mind, and Spirit?"

Without looking at the numbers on the pieces of paper, pick one and work with that specific Attunement.

Or you can print out all 13 PDF's or jPeg files of the Attunement Art, and use that as your "Deck."

Mix them up and then pick which one is most beneficial to you at that moment.

Once you have the number of the Attunement to work with simply follow the same steps.

  1. Print out the Image (You probably already have this done.)
  2. Read the Message
  3. Watch or listen to the Frequency Session
  4. Record the Date on your Checklist
  5. Journal

These Attunements will continue to assist you on your Ascension Journey. The Attunements themselves are ever expanding and upgrading as they continue to assist you when needed. Return to them at any time, they are always there for you.

A note about using the Filter.

The 13 Master Attunements meet you where you are and they were Cosmically designed to be powerful yet gentle and easily integrated. Having said that some people are more sensitive to energy shifts and Attunments than others.

If you know that is you or you tend to have a "healing crisis" when you have energy work done or go through energetic upgrades then please utilize the Filter.

You can either Print out the Filter PDF and have it handy when you do the Attunement work, or you can Print out the Filtered Attunement Image PDF's that you will find under the Filter Tab.

A note about the Integration Attunement.

Again, these Attunements were Cosmically designed to have the energy of Integration embedded within them and some of the Attunements have a Theme of Integration as part of the main Frequencies for that particular Attunement.

If you ever feel like you wold benefit from extra Integration, you can add in the Integration Attunement Video and Image.

In addition to these specific 13 Maser Attunements you may feel at any given point on your journey that you would benefit from doing the Integration Attunement.

It is here for you if or when you need it.

I mention this in a different section but I ended up creating a Binder with all of the Attunement Art PDF's and all of the Readings. Plus I printed out all the jPeg images that I use like an Oracle Card Deck.

I love to sit in my Meditation area and choose an Attunement to work with for the week.

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